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Kpayah & Associates Legal Eyes (KPALE)

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How I help

Immigration issues

Legal consultancy advice and support for identifying the appropriate visa for your circumstances. Preparing complete and accurate documentation. Lodging your application.

Administrative appeals

Support to prepare and submit an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) when a decision has not gone your way.

Workplace issues

Help to negotiate a solution to a workplace issue, including getting support from the Fair Work Commission.

About Victor Kpayah

I immigrated to Australia from Sierra Leone as a young man in 2004.

Like thousands of other West African children and their families fleeing civil war in Sierra Leone (1991-2002), I spent thirteen years in refugee camps in Guinea – studying, dreaming, and never losing hope.

Most importantly, I decided I’d do whatever I could to support people, including people like me, to live the life they want.  Fast forward to 2020, and Kpayah & Associates Legal Eyes (KPALE) Consulting was born. As a qualified lawyer, I can practice as a solicitor and a legal consultant.

I’m currently completing the final requirements for representing my clients independently in court.

Victor Kpayah

Success stories

Gaining permanent residence

I supported my client to 'live happily ever after' by applying for the right visa to match her changed circumstances.

Securing a visitor visa

A successful AAT appeal allowed my client's mother to visit from Ghana and meet her grandchildren for the first time.

Reversing an unfair dismissal

A successful mediation with her former employer gave my client the recognition she needed to find another job.

Expert legal consultation advice and support 

Provided with empathy and kindness.

If an out-of-court solution to your issue is possible, I’ll help you find it.

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