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Hello, I’m Victor Sahr Kpayah

Lawyer & Principal at KPALE, Founder and Director of MaRSDA, Community Advocate & Dreamer 

A child of the Mano River region
I was born in Sierra Leone but grew up in Guinea. My father died when I was small. My amazing mother held our family together and worked hard to send us to school. Civil War made refugees of my family and many thousands of others.

After 13 hard but hopeful years in camps, Australia accepted my application to settle here in 2004. Soon after, I began taking small but steady steps towards realising my dream of making a difference for my people and others like us. 

People-centred lawyer working for a fairer, kinder world
I’m a people and community-centred person and a client-centred lawyer. When I graduated in law in 2016, I worked as a law clerk on the National Justice Project.  Kpayah & Associates Legal Eyes (KPALE) lets me devote my energy and experience to making your life safer and more secure. Helping you resolve visa problems or work issues, so you can get on with building the life you want. That’s my goal.

A charity director championing change and sustainable development. In 2021, I founded The Mano River Sustainable Development Association (MaRSDA).

MaRSDA works with the people of the Mano River Region in West Africa and our partners, The Kissi Cultural & Economic Development Association (KICEDA), to deliver grassroots community projects.

Together, we’re working to improve health, increase economic independence and education, protect the environment, and support local languages and cultures.

If you’ve come to Australia from the Mano River Region, MaRSDA’s here to help you stay connected to culture and community and find your feet in your new home.

Victor Sahr Kpayah

Qualifications and memberships

Bachelor of Laws, University of New England
Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice, ANU
Australian Practice Certificate (2023-24) issued by the Law Society of New South Wales
Member of the Law Society of NSW

Accounting and Economics
Bachelor of Economics (Environmental Analysis & Policy) University of New England
Diploma in Accounting, TAFE, NSW
Diplome D’Aptitude Professionnelle-Comptabilité, L’lnstitut Européen des Hautes Études Économiques et Sociales (IEHEES)

Community Services
Diploma of Community Services Work (Case Management), Open Technical & Further Education Network (OTEN), NSW

Victor Sahr Kpayah Qualifications

Thank you Victor, for helping my mother to get a visitor’s visa after several failed attempts.’

Kind words from a happy (and very relieved) client

Human-centred legal consultant here to make a difference

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