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KPALE website

The information we collect from users of our website, including pages viewed, the language used in browsing, the type of browsing, and the referring website address, is anonymous. You cannot be identified from this information.

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We may also interact with you via social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  All such interactions will depend on your initial consent or approval, and you can withdraw that interaction at any time. In these interactions, the terms and conditions of the social media site may prevail over these terms.

Breach of Terms of Use

If you breach these terms of use, KPALE may take appropriate action to deal with the breach, including discontinuing and or suspending your access to the website, commencing legal actions against you, blocking computers using your IP address from accessing the website, and but not limited to asking you network provider to block your access to the website.

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use govern the way you use the KPALE website.
You may:

  • Download, distribute, reproduce, and duplicate copyrighted content, electronic publications, photos, text, or videos only for your personal but not commercial use.
  • Share links to the electronic content of any downloaded material, videos, or audio programs on the KPALE website.

You may not

  • Use this website in any way that is illegal or inconsistent with its terms of use to cause damage, spam, create or send viruses, and other harmful activities, including hacking, diminished user-friendliness, availability, or committing fraud.
  • Use this website to ask users for personal information, financial or otherwise, including passport numbers, driver’s licences, Medicare numbers or similar information.

KPALE’s website may contain links to other websites used as references. We do not have control over the use or changes made to the use of such websites and are not responsible for the content found on those websites. Hence, the use of their content is subject to the terms of use inscribed therein.


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